Ignorance in Prager University’s “Religion and Philosophy” Courses

YouTube suggested this appalling video to me, titled, “Does God Exist? 4 New Arguments.” Nothing new to see here. It’s beyond sad that so much energy goes into rehashing such simplistic thinking.  So I was motivated to comment… These aren’t arguments for God’s existence… All I’ve seen here is evidence that the speaker knows very little about how scientific investigation works. If you honestly want to know more about current reality-based thinking regarding the emergence of increasing complexity, you might start by having a look at the Big History website. The more important problem, though, is that supernaturally-oriented people are … Continue reading →

Hello America!

Welcome to Secular Progress. For the first post, it’s appropriate to offer the brief story of how this blog got started: There’s a Fox News journalist named Bill O’Reilly who is very skilled, very popular, and very controversial (as if you didn’t know). He wrote a book some time ago in which he set himself up as a noble “Culture Warrior,” defending Traditionalism against Secular Progress. Being generally liberal in politics, I recognized this as an attack on my belief system. I browsed through his book and decided I would read it more thoroughly someday. I still haven’t … Continue reading →