What Gary Johnson Should Have Said About Aleppo

Photo from Haaretz There’s an old saying that war is God’s way of teaching geography to Americans. These days, even that may not be enough. Now, because of Gary Johnson’s Aleppo gaffe, that city has become a little more familiar to most Americans than it was a few weeks ago. But, what’s truly regrettable about his embarrassing moment is that it puts us deeper in the dark. The media had a feast with it, and continued to neglect the conversations we need to have. Aleppo became a story with no moral… I was rooting for Johnson to get … Continue reading →

Crooked Sky

Posted this on FB not long ago, and now I’m cross-posting here. Things are moving fast on this planet. If we intend to get smarter about where we want to go, it’s important not to forget where we’ve been. I started writing this several days ago for a group I’m a member of, The Open Source Party. After last night, it needed some updating. Now that it’s finally finished, I’ve decided to share it with everybody. **** See that crooked sky? A few steps away, a black man was shot dead in his car. The World Wide Web … Continue reading →

O’Reilly Vents Unbounded Hatred of Secular Progress

Bill O’Reilly’s rhetoric is reaching incendiary levels in the wake of Barack Obama’s reelection. “Traditionalism” might have won, O’Reilly argues, if Romney had organized his campaign in opposition to Secular Progress, defined for his critically astute viewers as a movement of pot smoking moocher libertines and baby killers who are dooming the country to a culture of dependency and poverty. Fortunately, the Republicans were defeated this time around, which means a major setback for their party’s recently-adopted traditions of science-denying supernaturalism, increasingly profound inequality, and outright war mongering. I’m not so sure the outcome of the election could … Continue reading →

President Obama at Bat

Obama often hits home runs when giving big speeches. Last night’s speech at the Democratic convention wasn’t one of them… Maybe a stand up double compared to Romney’s bunt single last week. That’s not so bad, though. Obama’s turn at the plate was solid enough for an RBI, since so many other Dems gave so many great speeches over the week of the convention. Bat for bat, they clearly outplayed the Republicans.

Contemplating the Crackpot Caucus

Timothy Eagan of the New York Times vents about evidence-challenged members of Congress (all Republicans) in a recent Opnionator blog post. I weighed in with this comment ( It hasn’t appeared after several hours, apparently because the site is having technical problems). The persistence of such primitive attitudes in our country is deplorable, but not surprising. Science and religion (at their best) are both truth seeking endeavors. Yet their champion urges — seeking facts that hold up vs. seeking values that are to be upheld — are clearly at odds. Many of the religiously-motivated, rationality-challenged folks I’ve known … Continue reading →

Occupying Wall Street vs Protesting Washington

“All of these people should be after Obama and Holder!” Beneath the bluster, on this one O’Reilly is asking a fair question, and certainly an important one. The gist of the question, sobered up, is this: Given that the Occupiers are protesting criminality on Wall Street, why aren’t they going to Washington instead, in order to: 1) demand legal action against those who wrecked the financial system; 2) denounce the politicians who empowered the wreckers, and; 3) demand reforms that would prevent such crimes from happening again? Geraldo Rivera didn’t have the answer, and most liberals won’t. It’s … Continue reading →

America is in decline because of lies like this.

I simply don’t have the time to keep up with all the twisted truths and outright lies that O’Reilly’s been spewing over the last few weeks. Tonight I had to react. While watching I simultaneously felt horror at his blatant mischaracterizations of American history, and sadness that people may actually be relying on what he says to get their knowledge of history. If one lie tops them all (leaving aside his complete disregard of the legacy of slavery and segregation, and his reviling of the “have nots” for sucking up America’s wealth), it’s this, toward the end, President … Continue reading →