Does like Interactive Crowdsourcing?

In response to a request by soliciting ideas to fix the economy, I wrote this… Before we can make an intelligent decision as a civic-minded online public, we need better mechanisms for deliberation and debate. Assigning an editor to pick through potentially thousands of tweets and blog comments and then broadcast a handful on the air won’t scale to the size of our community or the size of our problem. I’ve proposed an approach that I believe is up to the task. It involves an interactive crowdsourcing technique I call coalescent bubbling. Is anyone interested? Find me … Continue reading →

Using Social Media to Help Congress Make Legislation

There was a news report last week that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor had prompted a thread on Quora about how Congress could use social media to enhance the legislative process. That topic is dear to me, so I posted an answer. Unfortunately, as is far more often true than not in these kinds of situations, it seems that people are just raising questions without showing any real concern for the answers.  In any case, here’s the link to the thread on Quora, and here’s my answer: The time is ripe for building an Online Town Hall worthy … Continue reading →