HomeHistoryAmerica is in decline because of lies like this.

I simply don’t have the time to keep up with all the twisted truths and outright lies that O’Reilly’s been spewing over the last few weeks. Tonight I had to react. While watching I simultaneously felt horror at his blatant mischaracterizations of American history, and sadness that people may actually be relying on what he says to get their knowledge of history.

If one lie tops them all (leaving aside his complete disregard of the legacy of slavery and segregation, and his reviling of the “have nots” for sucking up America’s wealth), it’s this, toward the end,

President Obama, and to lesser extents Presidents Bush and Clinton before him, believes in imposing social and worldwide justice using the US Treasury. But the American worker can’t keep up with the tax burden that imposes. So now we’re in trouble.

And all this time I thought America’s precipitous decline had something to do with George W. Bush starting a trillion dollar war at the same time he initiated a trillion dollar tax cut which went to fund a trillion dollar foreign trade deficit and a multi-trillion dollar financial bubble. But I think that way because I was paying attention when Bush was wrecking this country, and also because I don’t have the typical Fox viewer’s predisposition for amnesia.


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